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    Do you have trouble getting up, walking (stairs), squatting or cycling? Knee complaints can seriously hinder you in daily life. You are advised not to walk unnecessarily long if you have complaints to your knee. Knee complaints are easy to treat. Continuing too long can have unpleasant consequences, such as radiation of the pain to the thigh, lower leg or the hip and groin.


    Causes of knee pain

    Exercise overload
    Have you been exercising a lot lately? In sports, the joints are more stressed, the body can handle this well when the joints function properly. However, if the load is too high and the joint has to compensate for dysfunction elsewhere in the body, overload can occur. Because the body often performs the same movement continuously during sports, an injury can occur to the joint capsule or the muscle attachments near the knee. These types of overuse complaints can be recognized by a nagging pain on the inside of the knee that cannot be precisely identified and usually around or behind the kneecap. A common knee complaint during exercise is the runners knee .

    Wear on the knees
    Old age is an important factor in knee problems. These complaints are difficult to prevent, because they often have nothing to do with injuries but with a worn knee. The pain is present all the time or only when you move / load. A well-known disease of the cartilage in joints is osteoarthritis. Pain and swelling are often most severe in the morning and after a period of rest.


    Treat knee complaints with VoetPortaal

    At VoetPortaal we think it is important that we structurally help you get rid of your complaints. To achieve this, complaints are carefully viewed and assessed after we have analyzed your entire body up to and including the pelvis as part of the intake interview. So we not only look for a way to relieve the pain, but we look for the underlying cause to solve the problem completely and for a long time.

    The application of manual techniques from foot to hip often provides immediate relief from the pain. VoetPortaal is a specialist in manual therapy within podiatry. For example, all our therapists have followed a 2-year internal training or are still working on the specialist training. This additional training enables them to assess the coherence of complaints and in many cases to remedy them structurally.

    Would you like to know how we can relieve you of your knee complaints? Schedule an appointment with one of our therapists right away!

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