Bij Voetportaal kunt u snel terecht voor de juiste en beste ‘op maat gemaakte’ behandeling voor voetklachten. De podotherapeuten van Voetportaal volgen (of zijn afgestudeerd in) de gespecialiseerde vervolgopleiding Podotherapeut-Plus waarin extra specialisaties worden gegeven waardoor men u nog beter en structureler van uw klachten af kan helpen.

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Local rate

    Wilt u een afspraak maken met één van onze podotherapeuten? Dat kan op twee manieren:

    • TELEFONISCH: Als u graag samen met een van onze receptionistes een afspraak in wilt plannen kunt u telefonisch contact opnemen met onze centrale afsprakenbalie: 085-4835488. Deze is op werkdagen bereikbaar van 9.00 tot 17.00 uur.
    • ONLINE: Bij VoetPortaal kunt u ook 24 uur per dag en 7 dagen per week zelf online uw afspraak plannen! Klik op één van de buttons hieronder en u komt direct op de voor u juiste afspraakmodule:

    Rates VoetPortaal

    Rates Podotherapeuten

    First consultation podiatry without soles€  73,00       45 minutes
    First consultation podiatry with soles€  257,00       45 minutes
    Follow-up consultation in podiatry (assessment of the complaint without the use of manual therapy)€  52,00       30 minutes
    Follow-up consultation in podiatry (treatment of the complaint using manual therapy)€  67,50       30 minutes
    Consult ultrasound€  43,00       15 minutes

    Ask your practitioner about the rates for the other treatments:

    Nail surgery / nail phenolization
    Second pair of soles / one loose sole
    Silicone orthosis
    Nail braces
    Instrumental treatment
    • MSK treatments



    Rates orthomanual doctors

    First consultation podiatry without soles€128,00      45 min.
    First consultation podiatry with soles€279,00      45 min.
    Follow-up consultation in podiatry (assessment of the complaint without the use of manual therapy)€ 93,00      30 min.
    Follow-up consultation podiatry extensive (treatment of the complaint with the application of manual therapy)€ 98,00      30 min.
    Follow-up consultation with sole therapy€260,00      30 min.
    First consultation in orthomanual medicine€128,00      45 min.



    The amount of reimbursements can differ per health insurer. There is a good chance that your podiatry consultation will be reimbursed if you have taken out an additional insurance policy in addition to your basic insurance. Consult your policy conditions or contact your health insurer before the start of the consultation.

    It is also possible to visit the website of the association of podiatrists (in Dutch)https://www.podotherapie.nl/vergoedingenoverzicht/


    What therapies can a podiatrist use?


    • Correction soles: Depending on the complaint, a choice is made from various elements for the construction of the sole. The elements provide a balance between “correction”, “pressure distribution” and “stimulation”. In addition, the choice of materials is tailored to the type of use. For example, soles for athletes will often consist of a different material and / or have a different construction than for everyday use.


    • Ultrasound therapy: Ultrasound can be used to examine tissues such as muscles, tendons, bursa, ligaments and haircuts. Based on your injury, an ultrasound can be helpful in making the right diagnosis or evaluating sole therapy


    • Orthosis:   An orthosis is a “toe piece” made of silicone. It is an aid that is used to correct the position of the toes or to protect or relieve painful areas on the foot. The orthosis is tailor-made for you during the treatment.


    • Orthonyxia:  An orthonyxia – also called “nail braces” – is used to correct the nail shape and to prevent or combat the ingrowth of a nail.


    • Instrumental treatment: this treatment can consist of, for example, treating an ingrown nail or a deeply situated corn, but also wound treatments for “high-risk patients”, such as diabetes mellitus, rheumatism and vascular disease.


    • Manual therapy:  this therapy is ideal for removing blockages in one or more parts of the foot. With the help of manipulation, the joint is “loosened” with reduced mobility with a quick, short movement. This manipulation usually serves to support another podiatric therapy such as corrective insoles or taping.


    • Additional therapies:   the application of pressure-relieving felt bandages to relieve bursitis or a corn. This also includes the application of tape for complaints such as heel spurs / tendon infections / torn ankle bands.


    • Shoe advice: shoe advice can be given depending on the complaint. Shoes are an important factor in the development and / or prevention of complaints.


    • Flip- flops / slippers with built-in arch support : Corrective insoles do not stay in place in most sandals, open shoes and slippers. VoetPortaal offers the possibility to order tailor-made slippers or slippers in which a customized arch support has been incorporated.

    Wilt u graag teruggebeld worden voor meer informatie of wilt u een afspraak maken?